Ceremony Tabuik 
Derived from the word 'ark', from Arabic which means paraded, Tabuik ceremony is a tradition of community on the west coast, West Sumatra, which was held very day.
The ceremony was held on the day Asuras who fell on the 10th of Muharram, the Islamic calendar. That said, Tabuik brought by Shi'a adherents from the middle east to Pariaman, as a memorial to the battle of Karbala. This ceremony is also a symbol and expression of a deep sense of sorrow and respect for Muslims in Pariaman against the Prophet Muhammad's grandson. Because the excitement and uniqueness of each performer, local governments may then enter Tabuik ceremony in West Sumatra tourism agenda and held every year. Two weeks before the implementation of the ceremony Tabuik, residents Pariaman been busy doing a variety of preparations. They make as well as various snacks, cakes and Tabuik typical. In this period, there are also people who run a special ritual, which is fasting. Aside from being the name of the ceremony, Tabuik also pinned to the names of objects which become an important component in this ritual. Tabuik numbered two and made of bamboo and wood. The form of horse-bodied animals, human heads, a robust and winged. By Muslims, this animal called Buraq and is considered a magical beast. On the back Tabuik, made a milestone as high as 15m. Tabuik then decorated with red and other colors and will be in the wine later.

 Makepung,  Balinese Buffalo Racing

If you have Kerapan Madura cattle, the Balinese have Makepung. Two traditions are similar but not identical, but the unique spectacle of a fresh and entertaining. Makepung means romp, was a tradition of racing buffalo race that has long been attached to the Balinese, particularly in Jembrana. This tradition was a game originally farmers who carried on the sidelines of plowing a field at harvest. At that time, they quickly clashing with associated spur buffalo on a cart and driven by a jockey. Increasingly, fraudulent activity that was originally developed and increasingly in demand many circles. Now, Makepung has become one of the most interesting cultural attractions and much watched by tourists including foreign tourists. Not only that, even this buffalo racing competition has become an annual agenda of tourism in Bali and professionally managed today. Makepung not only followed by the farmer alone, officials and businessmen from the city too much to be participants and supporters. Moreover, in a big fight, Governors Cup for example, participants who attended Makepung can reach about 300 pairs of buffaloes or even more. The atmosphere was very festive with the presence of the musicians jegog (Balinese gamelan made of bamboo) to enliven the atmosphere of the race.

Debus Banten Attraction

This attraction is very dangerous. That said, Debus martial arts came from al-Madad area. The longer the martial arts is growing and growing up in all societies Bantam as the art of entertainment for the community. Core of the show is still very thick with the movement or martial arts and weapons use. Debus arts offerings are widely used and focus on one player immune to attacks with sharp objects called Debus. Grow and develop this art since hundreds of years ago, along with the development of Islamic religion in Punjab. At first, this art has a function as the spread of religion, but in the Dutch colonial period and during the reign of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, martial arts are used to evoke the spirit of fighters and people of Banten against Dutch colonialism.

Karapan beef Madura

Karapan beef cow race is a race that came from Madura, East Java. In the event karapan cow, the audience not only treated cows and agility racing the jockey, but before you start, the owners of cattle, usually perform the ritual procession of cows accompanied by musical instruments seronen distinctive blend of music instrument Madura making this event a more festive. The length of the route path karapan cow between 180 to 200 meters, which can be completed within 14-18 seconds. Certainly a very fast running cows, so bamboo is sometimes used as a place of departure for the jockey flying through the air. To gain and increase the speed of beef, jockey strap nails at the base of the cows and then the jockey hit the base of cows with a barbed whip. With cuts in pangka tail, the cow will run faster. Proximity winners sometimes the difference is very thin, not even just rare within 1-2 seconds. Bull in Madura is a very unique show, in addition to already inherited from generation to decline, this tradition is also preserved until now. These events serve as a tourism event in Indonesia, so many tourists from abroad come watch karapan this cow.


Marapu Island or Sumba Island  is the southernmost island in the State of Indonesia. The island is famous for saving a thousand mystery was never solved. In this island there are plenty of sandalwood, thousands of horses, mystical tomb, woven belt and a beautiful beach resort.Many foreign and local tourists who often visit to see the beauty of this island. Residents Marapu Island have great respect for their culture. They still preserve the culture associated with religion as a house Marapu customs, ceremonies and tombs of the kings. Custom homes are designed with a high roof to keep the heritage, relics of the ancestors. In the courtyard there are traditional houses the tombs of the mystical. This mystical tombs made ​​of stone rock hard shaped rectangular flat and supported by four pillars that form the hard beam of about 1 meter. The island is also famous because the feast Marapu customary named Pasola. Pasola is the name of an ancient ritual of the war by two groups of men chosen Sumba. They rode horses are decorated with colorful cloth throwing spears made ​​from wood of choice. Pasola held annually in February and March. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visiting to watch this Pasola.