Mount Merapi is located in Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Mount Merapi is believed to be the kingdom of spirits. Panembahan Senopati, Founder of the Kingdom of Mataram, gained the victory in the war against the Kingdom Pajang aided by the spirits of Mount Merapi.
Ghosts popping Mount Merapi that killed soldiers Display. Population in the Mount Merapi have a belief about the existence of places haunted or sacred. The place is believed to be haunted places guarded by a creature that has been refined. Abstinence residents to undertake activities such as tree felling, grazing and taking or moving objects that exist in the area. In addition, residents were never to talk dirty, urine or bowel movements, because it will lead to a sense of offended spirits that inhabit the area.
Places where the most haunted in the Mount Merapi is:

The crater of Merapi is the palace of the spirits.

Bubrah Market is an area of ​​rock and sand that are trusted by the population as the spirits market. Large rocks that scattered trusted as stalls, tables and chairs spirits.

Mount Wutoh
Wutoh Mountain palace is the main entrance of Mount Merapi. Wutoh mountain is guarded by spirits "Nyai Gadung Melati" in charge of protecting the Mount Merapi, including plants and animals on the slopes of Mount Merapi.

Forests around Mount Merapi
Forests around Mount Merapi is the grazing of cattle, belonging to the spirits. Some kind of sacred animals, which live on the slopes is a white tiger who lives in Forest Blumbang; horses used by spirits as mounts and towing trains, living in Alap-Alap Patuk Forest, Mount Wutoh and between Mountain Selakopo Ngisor and Mount Gajah Mungkur.
At the peak of Merapi have a palace similar to the palace of Mataram. Merapi palace, according to the local community trust governed by the
Master Rama and Permadi. Then the Master Rama and Permadi delegate its authority to Kyai Sapu Jagat is responsible for managing the natural state of Mount Merapi; Nyai Gadung Melati, in charge of maintaining the plant greenness Merapi; Kartadimeja cattle served as the palace and the army command spirits. He is most famous figure and liked to tell people because often when Merapi will erupt and what people should do to save themselves. The next figure Kyai Petruk, known as one of the soldiers Merapi.
Once the size of the services given by the leaders of the inhabitants of Mount Merapi, then as an expression of their love and thanks to the Mount Merapi, the communities around Mount Merapi give a tribute in the form of religious ritual ceremonies. Already a Javanese religious tradition is to hold salvation by performing religious ceremonies and sacred action.
Labuhan Salvation Ceremony held regularly every year, on the date of birth of the King Hamengku Buwono X on 30 Rajab. The ceremony was centered in the hamlet of Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo village. This is where the figure of Mbah Marijan residence as caretaker of Mount Merapi, which often served as a harbor master of ceremonies. Mount Merapi and Mbah Marijan are two things that are difficult to separate. Mbah Marijan existence of an old man and his friends that a man over, would open the eyes and inner ear to see what the intention is not the eye in the vicinity of Mount Merapi.
In Solo, every new year Java, 1 Suro, Mount Alms ceremony was held, with the hope of a safe, peaceful and prosperous, with a bountiful harvest. The ceremony is accompanied by planting buffalo head on top of Merapi or Bubrah Market.